How to Stop Thinking About Someone

Sometimes we meet certain people who cause us to fall into infatuation or even obsession over them. They possess certain special qualities and make us

How to Find Your Soul Mate and Why You Should Stop Looking

Some of you have this idea that your soul mate will save you from your own unhappiness. Some of you have this idea that you

How to Deal with A Possessive Clingy Partner

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Why It’s Okay to Be “Needy” In A Relationship

People are afraid of being needy in relationships. We’re afraid of admitting our true feelings and concerns to our partner because we’re scared of losing

How to Stop Being a Possessive, Controlling Partner

  **UPDATE: I have recently published a new eBook- “Before You Cheat: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Life from Infatuation, Obsession, and Infidelity.” It is