Some FAQs on Getting Over Infatuation

Hey everyone. It has definitely been a while since I have last written. Life has definitely been changing for me for the best, as I

Relationships Are Supposed to Be Challenging

Love may be “easy”, but relationships were never meant to be that way. Ideally, relationships are based on love. You commit to a person because

How to Stop Fighting With Your Partner

In any relationship, fights and emotional arguments are inevitable. Fights have a generally bad reputation- problems arise, offense is taken, words become sharp, passion is

How to Stop Being A Possessive and Controlling Partner

Being a controlling and possessive partner is incredibly dangerous for your relationship. The desire to control your partner presents an incredible strain on your relationship

Thoughts on Intimacy

The success of a relationship should not be based on how long it lasts- rather, the success of a relationship should be measured by the

The Perks of a Long Distance Relationship: How to Survive Long Distance

The long distance relationship is an often dreaded experience. It is to be merely tolerated, a stage to be worked through. I think the long

How to Bring Back Passion and Keep the Spark Alive in Your Relationship

For most relationships, love is at first a force of nature, a flood of heavenly emotions turning current life on its head and transforming it

Sorry I’ve Been Gone…and How to Find and Maintain Great Friendships

Hey everyone!Sorry I haven’t been able to respond to comments for a while; I have been really busy with school and life in general, and

How to Tell If Your Partner is the One/ Soulmate

A majority of people in various stages of relationships often wonder whether or not their partner is “The One.” Lots of us expect ourselves to

How Do You Get Over Someone? How to Get Over Your Ex/ How to Deal with Heartbreak

How do you get over someone? How do you stop yourself from constantly thinking about them, wondering what they’re up to, wondering if they still