How to Deal With Infatuation and Obsession Series: PART 2 BE THANKFUL FOR THE INFATUATION

Hey everyone. This is Part 2 of my ongoing series about “How to Deal With Infatuation and Obsession”. If you haven’t read Part 1, you can find it here:

I know that being struck by the seemingly terrible “curse” of infatuation and obsession is hardly something to be grateful for, but I am a firm believer that this kind of experience holds tremendous potential for growth and understanding. In Part 1, I asked you to really become aware and conscious of how you felt and what kind of thoughts you were generating when you felt overcome by infatuation. Now, I am asking you to go a step further and look at your obsession through curiosity and open-mindedness. To get to the most curious and open-minded state, we take on a sense of thankfulness.

Thankfulness opens us up to seeing situations with more clarity. Thankfulness offers a gracious lens through which we can assess our situation and experience with less judgment and more growth-oriented perspective. I know it will be a little bit difficult at first, but really commit to approaching this experience with a heartfelt vulnerability.

Every time you feel overcome by obsessions, or anytime you have a few moments to spare for contemplation, engage in conscious and nonjudgmental observation of how you are feeling and what you are thinking (like we discussed in Part 1). Hold that level of neutral observation and say “Thank you.” Say “thank you” to the situation and the person that is making you feel out of balance. Thank them for awakening your feelings. Thank them for bringing you closer to the present moment. Thank them for showing you where your feelings and desires are imbalanced.

You don’t have to necessarily know the reasons behind the imbalances. You don’t necessarily have to feel super connected to the present. This act of stating your gratefulness along with the intention to understand and the intention to feel more fully and the intention to be more connected to the present moment sets those desires to be fulfilled.

By stating your thankfulness, you shift into a mode of openness and receiving. You surrender your judgments and your notions as to how the situation will best play out. You surrender your complications and problematic habits that created the situation and continue to feed it. You own up to those energetic patterns that are causing you to suffer. Practice this thankfulness wholeheartedly as best as you can. Your capacity to feel gratefulness for the situation will only deepen the more you open yourself up to feeling it.

In that state of thankfulness, your intentions are much more clear and powerful. By stating your intentions to understand, gain insight, commit to the present moment, and allow your emotions to flow, you focus your energy. You pool all of your seen and unseen resources and connections to fulfill those intentions. You are essentially “making your wish” and putting yourself in the best position to receive it.

I urge you to practice this intentional thankfulness everytime you feel the infatuation start to creep in. I urge you to practice it during times of peace as well. Keep at it. Really commit to it. This sets up the perfect environment in which we can take a closer look at the reasoning behind your infatuation and obsession. This really preps your mental and emotional body to be totally open and honest for successful introspection.

The next installment in this series will be about taking a closer look at the reasons, aka the WHY. Until then, focus on the HOW which is the thankfulness and intentions.





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