How to Deal With Infatuation and Obsession Series: PART 1 FOLLOW THE INFATUATION

Hey everyone! I know I’ve written quite a bit about obsession and infatuation, but the truth is that there is always more to say. Life keeps throwing me different insights and perspectives and experiences to reflect on, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you all. I hope this additional content brings you more resources and tools to work with on your journey through that seemingly crazy feeling we call “obsession and infatuation.” First up in the series in a perspective that might seem very counterintuitive.

PART 1 is about FOLLOWING the infatuation. I know it seems strange that I’m asking you to pursue the very habit you are trying to rid yourself of, but stick around and read the entire post. Try to relax and tune into your open-mind before you read and you’ll get the most out of it 🙂

Be sure to keep a look out for my recorded audio as well. I know a lot of readers benefit from hearing the message verbally, so I’m including the link to my SoundCloud where I will be posting more recorded lessons. I’m excited to bring a lot of new changes and fresh content to the blog since I’m at that place again where I feel very inspired to write and share my insight and experiences.

Stay tuned!

How to Deal With Infatuation and Obsession:


So you’ve found yourself obsessed over someone new. You’re constantly thinking about them, crafting up ways to accidentally bump into them or conveniently cross paths. You’ve memorized everything about them and romanticized all of that information to the point that they are some godly savior on a white marble pedestal that takes up the entirety of your imagination. And it isn’t just your imagination that’s running along with it- your emotions are definitely going along for the ride. You feel anxious and excited whenever the possibility of seeing them comes up. You fall into the deepest, most velvety calm when you picture yourself connecting with them. When your messages fail to inspire an instantaneous response, you stare at your phone with a focus only rivaled by that dull pain in your chest that is quickly becoming a very familiar sensation. You’ve got it bad and you know it.

I want you to follow that feeling.

Seriously. Follow it. Not physically with action, but with FOCUS.

Where is this feeling showing up in your body? How does this energy express itself? Really hone in on that, concentrate on it.

Is it a lump in your throat? A feeling of rushing water in between your temples? A throbbing in the back of your neck? What does it feel like? Really try to assess the emotions running through your body. Remember, your body is the medium through which you experience emotions- it isn’t all in your head. Write down what you’re feeling.

The more you practice bringing awareness to your emotions, the more you will be able to RESPOND to your emotions.

Right now, that can be as simple and as important as noticing that your chest feels tightened up and that you’re holding your breath. As you learn to become aware of this, you can do something to bring yourself closer to openness and harmony. You can respond by taking a deep breath and unclenching your muscles. You can focus on bringing your breath deep into your belly and letting it expand,

Now comes the mental aspect. What thoughts are running through your head? What is the mantra you keep repeating to yourself? Maybe you keep telling yourself:

“They’re so perfect, I am so intrigued, they make me feel so alive.”


“I feel so good around them, they are so amazing, I need to be around them.”


“They’re so much better than my current partner; they complete me.”

Or a multitude of other ideas.

Focus your awareness on the message that keeps running through you head. Write it down.

Now examine those messages. Read them and take notice as to how your body responds. Write that down as well.

This segment of the Infatuation and Obsession Series is all about increasing your awareness and really letting yourself fully experience those moments when the energy of obsession and infatuation strikes you. Remember, obsession and infatuation is a mode of being- a certain type of energy. The more you become acquainted with how it expresses itself in you, the more you can cultivate the ability to respond to it instead of merely REACTING to it.

Do this for a week. Really really give it your best effort. I urge you to write some of your observations in the comment section below. If you need help, feel free to leave a comment or email me at I am available for personal consultations or coaching (from one time sessions to ongoing consultations) on a donations basis. You can find my PayPal donation button on the sidebar of this blog 🙂


I hope you all practice this awareness and extend it to ANY experience. Awareness really is key and it opens up opportunities through conscious RESPONSIVENESS.


Can’t wait to write the next segment.






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