How to Find True Peace and Love

I know that this whole blog has been all about self-improvement and self-control, self-care, etc. The more experience I amass, the more I realize that true peace and love and joy comes from an internal connection and a constant surrender to something bigger than us. You can call it God, Spirit, the Universe, or whatever you like. It is my belief and understanding that we are connected to this grand Unity, this greater Existence, a Consciousness, and that the truest source of strength, love, clarity, and joy comes from our connection to that Higher Existence.

My insight and advice have been a stepping stone- a way to organize our behaviors in a rational way so that we may act in alignment with values such as fairness, love, honesty, and self-respect. I believe that this is only the beginning, and that such rational behaviors and habits are incomplete in regards to gaining true fulfillment.

I do not wish to push my beliefs onto anyone, but I can no longer write this blog without involving a Higher Power. I truly believe that life is so much easier and that we are so much stronger when we constantly and consistently uphold a connection to that greater power. I now believe that I do not know what is best for me on my own, so I make sure to consult Spirit. I do not have full confidence in my limited, egoic perception of the world, so I make a commitment to ask Spirit to illuminate my path and open my eyes up to clarity, truth, and knowledge. I do not believe I could even come close to conceiving of a plan that will result in the highest good of myself, so I ask Spirit to guide my energy and intentions towards an outcome and a state and a chain of events that will serve the highest good of all parties involved.

This is very typical of the spiritual path. I have tested the limits of my mental capabilities and my willpower and I have been able to use them effectively. I have a wonderful life. I have amassed material wealth and abundance, true and loving friendships, and creative projects that fulfill something deep within me. But I know I am limiting myself if I continue to do all of this through my own strength and decisiveness. My understanding and my view of the world, of my life, or what is true, is so limited if I primarily consult myself. Sure, I have been consulting Spirit and asking for guidance, but I know that I must give up my dependency on my own limited mode of being. I have a new commitment to consult Spirit and listen to higher Guidance in all aspects of my life.

This comes with what some would deem “rattling and extreme” cases of personality change and miracles. Spirit provides more strength than what the ego-mind can even comprehend. The accumulation of neuroses and misplaced priorities that create what seems to be the “personality” are replaced by a better way of being in the moment, in every moment. All I can do is be committed to Spirit, to be so devoted to my connection that I pick up on every little gift and sliver of love and joy that Spirit sends to me.

I look within for Guidance. I urge all my readers to do the same. I will continue to write, and all of my insight and writings will allude to this Higher Self, this Spirit, this God, this Universe, this Consciousness, this Unity. This is what I believe in and this is what will speak through me. I only aim to be a vessel of service and love. I aim to forget my little mortal self and commune with my truer, eternal home in Spirit.

All I wish to say for now is that the more you listen to Spirit, the more it will sing in your ear, and with enough surrender and commitment, your life will harmonize with that orchestra. Listen even when it seems like the trouble and pain is deafening. Hold onto every little bit of joy that comes your way. Always lean into that love and joy. Let your vision of it become clearer and grander.




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